Sunday, November 2, 2014

Holiday Pinterst Party

It's almost November and the holidays are right around the corner! Are you
all ready? 

Kitchen Keepsake will be hosting a Holiday Pinterest Party from November
1st - December 24th and YOU are invited!! 

All projects are due by midnight December 24th. All you have to do is
start a thread with your (P)interest name and post photos/links of the
holiday project that (P)inspired you and photos of your completed holiday
projects. It can be any holiday project, but each 

(P)inspiration only counts once. In other words, if you make a cute little
paper clip bookmark as a stocking stuffer, making 100 of them will not
count 100 times. LOL

The person who completes the most projects will receive a huge box of
scrappy fun! 

The Kitchen is here to help with some holiday inspiration, whether it's
gifts or recipes! Come join in the fun and see what everyone is
(P)interested in!

See you in the Kitchen and can't wait to see what you create.

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