Saturday, October 2, 2010

World Card Making Day

What fun I had this afternoon making cards. I made all different cards in honor of World Card Making Day.

  • Birthday card

  • All occasion card

  • Thank you card

  • Thanksgiving card

  • Thinking of you card

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Journal Notebook

Here I used a small notebook that holds a pad of paper inside. I recycled stickers that I used to put inside my son's books that said: This belongs to.

  • I cut out the part of the sticker that had my son's name on it.
  • Then I lined them up across the top and near the bottom of the notebook.
  • I used the top of the stickers and the bottom of the stickers and put them near each other to look like one sticker.

This project is part of the September Monthly Challenge on Practical Scrappers.

You said what?

Here is my daughter inside the Covered Bridge at the Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, Vermont. October 2009
I used fabric behind my picture and lots of paper scraps to add some detail around the picture.
I entered the page into the fabris Challenge at Scrapbook Challenges.

American Idol

My daughter and I went to see the American Idol concert with the top 10 singers in 2009. It was a great concert! Here is my daughter, wearing her new American Idol t-shirt, at the concert.

This page was created based on the Scrapbook Challenge #217.


Here my kids play on the swings in the garden next to the shoolhouse at the Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, Vermont. Also my daughter sitting inside the schoolhouse. We visited the museum in October 2009.

This page was created based on Sketch 218 from Scrapbook Challenges.

I also used cardboard from several different products that I had. Some was printed with the pink dots. It was a way for me to "Go Green" by recycling some of my packaging from my scrapbook supplies. This page will also be entered into ScrapFit for Workout # 28.

help, let us out

These photos were taken at the jail at the Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, Vermont. We visited there in October 2009.

This LO was created based on the September 24th Sketch Friday from Practical Scrappers.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


These photos are from our Shleburn Museum trip also. There was a featured display of motorcycles in the main barn. These are just a few of the bikes we saw.

This LO was inspired by the September 15th sketch from Stuck?!

Beach Lodge at Shelburne Museum, VT

These photos were taken at Shelbunre Museum in Vermont. We went there in October of 2009. This building was filled with animals that had been shot and then stuffed. It was like a hunting lodge

This LO was created based on the Sept 19 Sketch Friday from Practical Scrappers.

College Friends Gather

When I got together with my college friends our kids swam. The adults shared lots of stories! This LO is based on Sept 10th Friday Sketch at Practical Scrappers.

Locks of Love

Here is Krista getting her 10 inches of hair cut off. She so wanted to donate it to Locks of Love.

This LO was was based on the Sept 1st sketch from Stuck

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ha Ha

In this LO my daughter swims and rests while visiting with kids of my college friends. I used Sketch #216 from Scrapbok Challenges for the LO.


This week the challenge at Practical Scrappers is buttons. I used one of my scrapbooking magazines for inspirtaion for the design of this LO and added buttons for dimension. These photos are from our visit to the County Fair last summer.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Scrapbook Challenges Blog Hop

Here is a fun way to see what other scrappers are doing, create a LO from a sketch, do a blog hop, and win prizes. Check out Scrapbook Challenges.

Here is the stetch by Pamela:

Here is the LO I created based on the sketch:

If you'd like to participate in the Blog Hop go to Pamela's blog to start.

To see the sketch and particpate in the challenge click here.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


This Lo was created using the ScrapFIT Workout #27.

It was so easy to put together. By using a paper kti I was able to easily put together coordinating circles for this LO.

Upper Canada Village

This 1860s village is in Morrisburg, Ont, Canada. It is such fun to visit and see the buildings and talk witht he people who"live" there. We went there last summer when my sister was here from Colorado. What fun we had!

This LO was created using the sketch from Practical Scrappers from August 27th.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


In this LO all the Leroux family posed for the pictures. Last summer was the first time in a long time that everyone was together. We were able to all gather at the local playground and got another relative to takes the photos. Since our "family" keeps growing we will wait until more grandchildren are born to have a professional photographer takes photos for us.

It was created based on skatch 215 from Scrapbook Challnges.

4th of July 2009

Here is my LO for the Stuck?! Birthday Bonus Sketch 2 from August 21st.

SRCS 6th grade graduation

Here is my final LO of my son's 6th grade graduation.

I used sketch 214 from Scrapbook Challenges.

I also used a white pen and a stencil around the edges of my black background paper. This met the weekly challenge for Practical Scrappers to use white pen/white markers.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Practical Scrappers Sketch

This LO was created based on the sketch from 8/20 for Practical Scrappers.

I used some lace cardstock for part of the backgound, ribbon, paper strips, a button, and some ink.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


This 50th Birthday card was so easy to make! I used cut black paper that I had. Next I stamped 50 in each white space. I know a couple of people who turn 50 this fall so they will each be receiving one of these cards.

This card was created for the Aug 23rd Weekly Challenge from Practical Scrappers. The challenge was to use lace cardstock.


This LO is based on the August Monthly Challenge from Practical Scrappers to use water. I sprinked water on top of y Glimmer Mist to create some water marks on my backgound.

I also created the circles by using water.

  • In the Sepember 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes they showed how to do this.

  • I cut 2 1/2 inch circles from cardboard. I used some cardboard packing materials from one of my paper packs that I had.

  • I cut patterned paper in 4 inch squares.

  • I wet the paper under the faucet. Patted off the excess water from it.

  • Took the paper and pulled it from the middles to form o cone shape. Then tied thread around the very tip.

  • Next I wrapped the paper around a cardboard circle.

  • The circles were set aside to dry.

  • After a couple of hours I used glue dots to adhear the circles to my LO.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Carving a pumpkin

Connor works on carving his jack-o-lantern in theis LO.

I used Sketch 213 from Scrapbook Challenges to create this LO.


This LO is from halloween 2009.

It was created using the August 15th sketch from Stuck?! I did rotate the sketch for my LO.

Fonda, NY

This is my family while were at my husband's parents last summer.
This was done for Sketch 212 for Scrapbook Challenges.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Carving out happy memories

This halloween 2009 LO is of my son. It was created from the Practical Scrappers Aug 13th sketch.


This LO was fun to do. It is my daughter cutting her pumpkin to create her jack-o-lantern from halloween 2009.

I used paper to make half the pumpkin and then just drew the outline on the other half. I then used my paper piercer to make holes in the paper. I then used embroidery floss to stitch the Xs around the inside edges of the paper.


This LO was created from the Aug 6th sketch from Practical Scrappers. I rotated the sketch to fit my pictures.

It is my children with their grandparents.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Pool Cover

This LO was created for the Recipe Challenge on ScrapFIT.

It is of my daughter as we get ready to clean the pool cover.


Here is my summer LO for the Practical Scrappers and the Birthday Bonus 1 Sketch from Stuck?!

It is from a 2009 Fourth of July Party. I hope you like it!

Friday, August 6, 2010


In the top photo is my Mom with all her sisters and brothers. In the bottom photo they are all with their spouses. These may be the only photos of all these siblings together.

This LO was created based on July 30th friday Sketch from Practical Scrappers. I turned the sketch on it's side to make it work with my photos.


This LO shows family during the day of my Grandmother's funeral. There were lots of tears, but also lots of smiles. The smiles were family members being together and sharing stories about Gransma.

On this LO I used only one embellishment: flowers. Lots of flowers. This meets the criteria for the Practical Scrappers Anniversary Day 4 Challenge.

Connor and Mom

Thsi LO is of me and my son.

I just used one picture on the LO. This meets the criteria for the Tuesday Anniversary Challenge from Practical Scrappers.

6th grade Graduation

This LO is also from my son's sixth grade graduation.
This meets the criteria for the following 2 blogs.
From Practical Scrappers for the Monday Challenge to use your # 1 favorite product. My product is chipboard. I like to use it raw as seen in this LO. or I pain it, mist it, or glue paper to it.
I used Scrapbook Challenges Sketch 211 for my LO.

# 1 Graduate

This LO was created to meet the criteria for 2 different blogs.

I used the August 1st sketch from Stuck Sketches.

It also uses the number 1 for the Wednesday Anniversary Challenge Day three from Practical Scrappers.

It is from my son's sixth grade graduation.

Saturday, July 31, 2010


This Lo was created from the July 1st sketch from Stuck?!

It will be used for the first page of the next scrapbook I am working on for Connor.

Lacrosse #2

This lacrosse LO was inspired by the July 9th sketch on Practical Scrappers. I loved the many sizes of pictures used in the LO.

I was working on this LO at a recent Scrap and Chat day. I originally thought I'd use some kind of small paper embellishments for my background. I asked my friend, Erin, what she thought and she knew that using glimmer mist sprays would give it a better look. Erin had her mists with her so I was able to use them.

What a great effect it had! Thanks to Erin I was able to create a great background for my pictures. I also loved being able to use so many pictures of my son playing lacrosse. From the big picture to the smallest you can see Connor in action.


This LO was created based on the July 16th Sketch Friday from Practical Scrappers. I took the sketch and rotated it. This worked better with my son's lacrosse pictures.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

No Pain No Gain

This LO was created from Sketch 207 from Scrapbook Challenges. It shows my daughter during her 2009 Softball Season

Practice Makes Perfect

This LO of my daughter from her 2009 Softball Season was created from Sketch 208 from Scrapbook Challenges

New Cousins

This LO was made by using the sketch from Scrapbook Challenges from July 19th.

It shows me holding my new nephew and my son, Connor, holding the new neice. I enjoyed doing the stitching on the page.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Krista and Mom

This LO shows Krista and me, Mom. I used patterned paper that I cut so that I could put my borders underneath some of the flowrs and butterflies.
This LO was inspird by the Weekly Challenge (July 2nd) from Practical Scrappers.
I used a border punch and two different decorative edge scissors.

Spring Concert

This shows Krista singing at her Spring 2009 Chorus and Band Concert.

This LO was created for the Sketch Friday,June 25th, from Practical Scrappers.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2nd Birthday

This LO shows my niece at her second birthday.

This LO was created with the idea from Sketch Friday, June 18th for Practical Scrappers.