Friday, November 30, 2012

Last chance to enter challenges

A few more entries for the month of November.

The first is a LO.  It has two photos from Ellis Island.  When we visited NYC last summer (August 2011) everything was peaceful, well the weather was peaceful.  No flooding or hurricaine was there then.  I can only imagine what some of the sights look like now after the disaster they experienced.
The city was very busy.  It was certainly busier than my rural town in northern New York.  Businer that what I am confortable.  These are some of the rare photos which include my husband and I.  I think my son was taking photos at this time.  I created this LO from Skecth #235 from Creative Scrappers.  I loved that I was able to use up some scraps and the burlap banner triangles.  They were all part of a kit that was almost all used up.

The second is this card entry.  It was created for Workout #80 from Scrap Fit:  Fall Color Inspiration.  The colors to use are wood, grass, and burlap.  I had this scrap piece of bulap that I had bought at the Dollar Store a while ago and thought how perfect to use it.  I used the choloclate paper for my wood color and found these embellishments that had green in them with a little splash of color.

Thanks for looking and we'll see what there is to do in December. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Manatee Park

The Warm-Up #33 from ScrapFit is SMEAR & SMUDGE SOME PAINT.  Well I certainly used some paint! 
  • I used my new bottle of Gesso paint.  I had bought it a few days before.  I opened the bottle and poured some paint onto my cardstock.  I then used my paintbrush to move the paint across the paper.  I then had this idea to use some beads in the wet paint on one end of the pushed paint. 
  • I let this dry for a few days (and I had to work at my real job).  Then I looked for some photos taken near water.  Well that proved more difficult than I thought.  I found this one from last April when our family went to Fort Myers in Florida.  The photo is mostly of the walkway with the water next to it.  My husband and kids are at the end of the dock.
  • I cut some strips of blue paper from my scraps.  I used several of my border punches to put a pretty edge on each of them.
  • I layered these strips behind the photo.  I got his idea from friend scrapbookers.
  • I added a title/journal box.
  • I wanted some other color so I added the two reddish birds to the bottom of the page.
  • Voila, my LO was finished. 

Scrapping about Myself

I have begun to have my kids take more photos of just me.  This first photo I had my daughter take last summer (2011) so that I would have a new profile photo for my blogs.  It was a day when I had gone to get my hair trimmed and of course styled by my hairdresser.  I sure didn't look like this many days after that.  I don't know about you, but I can never get my hair to look quite like it does when my hairdresser does it. 
I thought that my kids will want to remember what I looked like when I am old and gray (well maybe never hairdresser can always take care of that).  I used the November 15th from Stuck Sketches to create this LO. 
This second LO is from my birthday in August 2011.  My kids made me a cake ( as they usually do) ane sang "Happy Birthday to You" to me.  I used Sketch #234 from Creative Srappers for my idea to create this LO.  I didn't include the photo of me in this LO.  I have the cake and my kids carrying the cake

Monday, November 12, 2012

More views from the Emprire State Building

The 2 LOs have photos taken from the Empire State Building.  The first page shows MY favorite store:  J C Penney.  I thought my kids would want to remember this when they are older.  LOL  I used the November 1st sketch from Stuck Sketches.  I used scraps of paper from various other pages I had recently (or not so recently since my desk is a total mess).  I fancy cut the swirl from some scrap paper.  I used the plane at the top to help show that the photo was taken high in the sky.  I then used some ribbon that I bought on sale recently.

I made this second LO based on Sketch #233 from Creatve Scrappers.  I cut the chevron paper so that it was jagged on each end and put it in the center of my background paper.  I added 2 photos, instead of 1 (didn't I tell you that I want to scrap every photo I take!!).  I added some circles from the coordinating kit and then added my title.  This page came together quickly.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

ScrapFit Entries

I have a problem with wanting to scrap every photo I have!!  I used to just put photos into an albumn, but those days are long gone!  SInce I scrap mostly chronological I am working on photos from last summer.  The cool thing about this is that I get to relive those times over, whether they be silly, fun, or even serious.
The two LOs that I want to share with you today are for challenges on ScrapFit.  The first is for Workout #79-Tape it Up.  Washi Tape is the tape that is being used.  I used two different diagonal striped washi tape to form a background behind my photos.  I had this pinwheel that I had made for another page and I had never used it.  I just never seemed like it on a page.  I liked the way the blue in the pinwheel matched the blue in the washi tape so I added it to this LO to help make it more dimensional.  This photo is fromWestpoint.  This LO will go into my daughter's scrapbook.

This second LO is  for Step Class #10: Creating  a Layered Banner.  I used 2 banners that I had in one of my kits.  You put paint onto the banners and then wipe off the paint.  Some of the paint doesn't stick to the shiny patterns on the flags.  It was fun to make these banners.  I also used some colored twine to add another layer to my banner.  While the banners were drying I used several different stamps for my backgound to add some dimension to the plain paper.  I added my photos and some embellishments and the page was done.  These photos are of a Statue of Liberty motocycle that was made by OCC.