Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Behind the Layout for SBC

Today I am going to share with you the steps for putting my layout for SBC sketch 402 together. When I saw that big circle I knew I wanted to make that a volleyball and create a page of my daughter playing volleyball.  I found my background paper which is a net.  I then went on the internet and found a drawing of a volleyball, made it the size I wanted, and then printed it out. I also wanted some small white volleyballs.  I used my cricut to emboss some white paper and then cut out some smaller circles.  Below you can see my background paper, volleyball, and my 2 small embossed circles.dscn0723at600
I had about 7 volleyball photos.  I chose 4 that I liked the best for this layout.  I cut these photos into 3X3 squares.  Now I had the basics that I needed for my page.dscn0726at600
  I then moved the volleyball to where I wanted it and moved my photos around to where I wanted them.  I went back and tried several places for the 2 small white circles.  I decided to put them near the bottom right of the volleyball.dscn0728at600
I then find a journalling card that I liked and wrote my journalling.  I used some sparkly white letters to spell out volleyball for my title.  I found some string that was similar to the string lines of the volleyball net and added this to the left side of my page.  Since our mascot is the shamrock I drew freehand a shamrock and cut it out.  I added white paint to the edges and then put pop dots under it to secure it to my paper so that it had some depth to it.  Here is a  close ups of the letters, the shamrock and the string.dscn0731at300
Lastly I wanted some sparkle so I added some plastic discs.dscn0729at600
Here is my finished page.

I hope these steps have given you some ideas as to what you can do on your next LO.  

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  1. I love your idea of using string, would never have thought of that. Nice layout!!