Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sprays, Inks, and Paint

Here are step by step instructions on how to use mists and paint on your background paper to make it pop.
First I start with an old box that I put my paper into.  I want to be able to spray the edges of my paper and need to contain the spray from getting allover my work space.  I usually use plain paper when I want to add some mist, but you can use patterned paper also.   I choose 2 or 3 colors that will help accent my papers and photo.  I then spay with the lightest color that I want to use first.  If you want more of a mist then hold your bottle farther away from your paper.  If you want blobs hold the bottle closer to the paper.   These are the three colors that I used.  You should let each color dry before you use the next color.  This will prevent the inks from mixing and making a color that you do not want.

In the below photo you can see some tan that I sprayed onto my paper.  I sprayed it twice.

I next sprayed the turquoise mist.  I sprayed several times with the turquoise.
Once the turquois was dry I used the navy mist.  I sprayed the navy and then also unscrewed the pump and flicked some ink from the sprayer onto my paper to make little dots.  You can see both these colors and the little navy dots on the paper.

Once the mist was dry I added some paint with a small paint brush to some of the edges of my paper.  Here is a close-up of my top edge.  I used 3 colors.


Here is my final LO with my photo added to patterned paper, a title, buttons, ribbon, some chipboard that was already embossed and my date.


If hope you will use the mists and paints that you have sitting on your shelf.  They will add color and dimension to your paper.

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