Monday, March 21, 2016

What can you do with String?

I usually use string or embroidery floss on my pages as an accent and to add to some depth to my page.  I just lay it down in a swirly line and then staple it down, like I did in my March page.  Today I want to show you how you can use it to make an cardboard embellishment  have more pizzazz or make it the color you want for you page.

I started with this cardboard flower that I have never used because the stripes on it didn't fit with my other designs on my pages.  I had it marked to go in the trash, when I thought about how I could transform it to a different color.

I used this green floss to cover up the flower.  I attached some adhesive to the back of the flower and then began twirling the green around the flower.

I continued covering the flower with the green string.  I applied some adhesive on the ends of the petals to help the green staring stay in place.

Once it was covered completely in green I weaved some of the string into the other string on the back of the flower.  Since the flower was very fat I applied it to my LO with adhesive dots 

Here is my finished LO.

You will notice I also used some of the string in the upper right corner.  This is my other favorite way to use string.  Just twist it up into a loose ball and then put it on your page.  I used staples to secure it to my page.  I hope you will give one of these techniques a try.

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