Saturday, January 5, 2013

Seat #22 at Spiderman

Workout #83 - Wish Upon A Star from ScrapFit was perfect for my photo of my family next to the poster for the Spiderman Musical.  When we went to NYC last summer we had tickets to go to this musical.  The nigth before the musical we spotted the poster downtown.  I made my family stand next to it and then snapped the photo of them.
I folded the e-ticket from the musical and put it on the LO with a clip.  I didn't want to glue down the paper so I use some star ribbon holders to keep the ticket in place.  Once I threaded the ribbon through the stars I positioned them on my LO so that they would not move.
I put some small stars onto my LO and then misted over them on the upper left hand of my background paper.  When I shot the mist most of the stars flew away and thus only a couple of stars showed up.  So then I made a mask with stars for the upper right hand of my paper.  I cut the stars out and then put the mask onto my paper then misted.  These stars came out much better. 
Lastly I wanted a big star for my journalling box.  I used a journal stampto stamp on a plain piece of white paper.  Then I traced a star on the back side of the paper and freehand cut out the star.  I wrote the journalling onto the lines.  After I attached the star to the paper I added the glitter glue outline to my star.  You can see a close-up of this star and one of the ribbon stars with the ribbon holding down the ticket below.

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  1. great layout, love how you used the stars, thanks for joining us at scrapfit!