Monday, May 28, 2012

More Easter 2011

Here is easter at my mom and dad's.  Every easter morning, my brothers and our families gather at my parents's for an easter egg hunt.  My mom keeps these plastic baskets that have each grandchild's name on them. Last year the egg hunt was outside since the weather was so nice. 

This first LO was created from the May 15th Sketch at Stuck Sketches.  I did turn the sketch to make my photo fit the way I wanted it to.  I inked the edges of my paper since I thought it needed a little more color.

This second LO was created from ScrapFit Workout # 68  Missy's Misting Mania.  I had fun with some scrap paper that I had cut octogons out of.  I placed this on my paper and then sprayed it.  I then moved my octogon paper and misted my backgound paper again.  After my paper dried I  thought my paper needed a more color so I misted with some red in 3 different places.  I then placed my photos next to one of the lines of the mist.  I added a few scraps of paper, a title, some wooden butterflies, some popcorn ribbon, and jounralling.  The paper is a little wrapped so it would not lie flat.  The green you see around the edges is just my backgound blanket.

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  1. What wonderful LO's!! Love the softness of your misting and what a great idea to use a cut scrap for your mask! Thanks for working out with us at ScrapFIT! ~ Blessings