Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Graduation is A Simple Thing

Well, maybe not so simple when my dad graduated, which was over 50 years ago. He is 70 now and still runs his oil company, working 10 hour days 5 days a week! He tells me that he has worked since he was quite young. These are some of the things I remember him telling me:
He grew up on a farm and thus was a farmer.
He had a paper route when he was young.
He worked on other farms.
He went to college for business.
He married.
He worked for the state of New York as an auditor.
He had 5 children.
He bought a Oil Company, and then another and another.
He bought a restaurant, ran itfor a few years then sold it.
He bought an old gas station and added a convenience store to it.
He bought 2 more gas stations/ convenience stores.
He has bought and sold a few other buildings.
He is the grandfather of 13 grandchildren.
So from one simple man from a farm family who worked really hard over the years (and had some fun hunting, fishing, & snowmobiling) he has created a family that he loves and a business that he should be proud of.
My dad.
I am so very proud of him!!!!!!!!

This LO was created for the Workout #60- It’s The Simple Things from ScrapFit.


  1. LOVE it!!! You are doing so many things lately! See you soon!

  2. What a great trip down memory lane. You should totally print out these statements and incorporate them into your layout somehow. I love the use of black and white and the story behind the photo. Thanks for sharing on ScrapFIT.

  3. What a fabulous tribute to your amazing dad!! Love the cluster of ribbon/lace/flowers and the b/w colors!! Thanks for working out with us at ScrapFIT! ~ Blessings


  4. Wonderful layout Phillis! I love the ribbons on the side! Thanks for working out with us at ScrapFIT!

  5. Lovely page!!! Thanks for working out with us at ScrapFit!

    1. what a wonderful man and great thing to scrap!!!! you are super lucky!!! thanks sooo much for workin out with us at ScrapFIT!!!!